The Prime Share

Prime Share emerged in 2013 with the founder partner Ricardo Ravache, in love with the nautical world, as its creator, sought in an innovative way to provide the dream in reality. Thus came the idea of ​​the shared purchase of boats. To start the realization of the dream, she called as a partner another person who identified with the idea of ​​making a property that until today is considered luxury, accessible to purchase. Therefore, Ricardo Ravache and Andresa Negherbon became partners and followed a strategy for sharing vessels. Today Prime Share manages 19 vessels, 11 of them in Joinville SC, 4 in Balneário Camboriú and 4 Florianópolis, in addition to 1 vessel with our franchise in Guarujá / SP. Prime Share works with the sale of quotas for vessels, that is, each vessel is divided into 4 quota holders, 25% of the good for each one. Prime Share becomes the asset manager, ensuring the good use of the vessel and its integrity.