Frequent Questions

Check out some questions and answers to clarify your mind.
Instead of buying a boat paying the full amount, you acquire a quota of the desired vessel by paying 1/4 of the amount, and you are the owner of 25% of the vessel
Boat stay at the marina, cleaning, documentation, sailor and total insurance of the vessel, all these services are divided among the quota holders in fixed monthly fees.
If you are not qualified to sail, we have sailors and also an on-board service.
All vessels are regularly reviewed and have full insurance in addition to 24-hour Prime Share assistance.
It is the division of an asset through the quota system, in our case, the vessel is divided into 4 shares where each shareholder owns 25% of the vessel.
Prime's role is to manage the acquired asset, ensuring the integrity of its shareholders and the maintenance of the vessel, providing cleaning, maintenance and use management services for its shareholders.
No, you can use it as many times as you like, as long as the boat is not booked.
We have a 24hrs online software system for appointments where the quotaholder will make his reservation request, the system will send an email informing all the quotaholders of their intention to use it. This request will remain in the system 24h and after that p
Our system identifies who was the last shareholder to use the vessel, giving priority to the shareholder who has been without the boat for the longest time.
We call this a reservation for consecutive days, and it is possible as long as the shareholder does it at least 7 days before the departure date. This request will remain on the site for 48 hours, after this period it becomes reservation.
From your reservation the boat in 1 hour will be waiting for you at the pier, stocked and ready for navigation.
We have a vessel inspection system both at boarding and at disembarkation, where our employees check the vessel and usually the boat is photographed for each use, documenting how the boat was used, if detected
Prime Share customers have 24-hour assistance, that is, if for any reason the vessel is unable to navigate, we will go to the location, if it is not possible to solve the problem, the vessel will be towed to the original marina.
The vessel belongs to the shareholders who purchased it.
No, Prime Share is hired not to bring problems to its customers, but solutions, because of this Prime Share bears the defaulted monthly fees, with no financial impact for the other accountants of the vessel.
Prime Share has a 3-year service agreement that can be renewed or not after this period. However, the future of the vessel is defined in an assembly between the shareholders of the same vessel.
The vessel is always available with a full tank, in return the tank will be completed and the difference is consumption during use. The refueling can be accompanied by the return of the tour and carried out on time, or if you prefer, forward
No, the property belongs to the shareholder and the boat is only released in the presence of the same on board.
We work with new and used boats. In the case of used vessels, before making available to the Shared Property, the set is reviewed, observing items such as motor, electric, hydraulic, fiber.
The maintenance cost is divided among the quota holders, in proportion to the use of the vessel, that is, those who used less will contribute less to the maintenance.
Yes, the property is yours and you can sell it whenever you want.